Poonam Singh

Wedding videos are a rage on social media and they have a separate fanbase. From dance performances, wedding outfits, bride’s entry, and romantic to funny moments from weddings often go viral on the internet.

One such video is currently going viral on social media where a bride could be seen making her groom sign their ‘nikahnama’ at gunpoint on the wedding stage.

In the short clip, the bride and groom are seen seated on the stage while the bride is seen asking her groom to sign their ‘nikahnama at gunpoint. She says, “kar rahe ho ki nahi” to which his groom says “kar raha hoon main” as he burst into laughter. 

The bride and the groom can be seen enjoying this light moment. The couple looked beautiful in their colour-coordinate wedding dress.

The video was shared by a Pakistan based-couple on their social media handle with the caption, “When you marry your bestfriend!” with a heart and gun emoji.

They further added: “it was just for fun, and the gun was a toy thank God.”

On social media, the video has accumulated more than 3.7 million views and 34.6K likes. It has attracted mixed reactions from viewers. 

A user commented on the video saying, “Lucky ones get to marry those they love! Make the most of it.” “Hahah that’s so cute .. MashaaAllah,” one wrote. 

At the same time, some people questioned if would be funny if groom was pointing the gun instead the bride, “Corny and tacky. If it was other way around no one would laugh …” Another user said, “Ajkl log viral hone or mazaq m shdi krty h.”