Poonam Singh

Weddings in the Asia sub-continent are filled with colour, frolic and laughter, all thanks to fun rituals. Every now and then, crazy videos from marriages go viral on social media. Yet another video is now making rounds on the internet which features one such fun ritual with an interesting twist.

The video, which was captured during the Joota Chupai ritual, has caught everyone's attention. For those unversed in the tradition, the bride’s siblings and cousins at the wedding hide the groom's shoes after which he has to pay a hefty amount or fulfill their demands to get the pair back.

Instagram user and digital content creator Warda Sikander came up with an interesting twist to the Joota Chupai ritual at her wedding to make it more fun. She and her sister convinced her brother to steal her groom’s shoes while wearing a Money Heist costume.

Sharing the fun video from her wedding, Warda wrote, “Bella Ciao to the joota. I didn't want anything to be simple on my shaddi! So me and my sister came up with the joota heist idea, told our brother to grab a money heist costume from Amazon & my cousin rehearsed the entire thing! To say, everyone at the wedding enjoyed this segment the MOST!.” 

She also thanked her brother for being a “great joota chor”.

Netizens had a good laugh after watching this heist video. Some also commended the bride and her squad for adding the interesting Money heist twist to it.

“It looks so fun and a unique type of joota chupaye,” commented an Instagram user. “Bhai ye joota chupayi nhi joota churayi rasam ho gyi,” remarked another. “Totally loving the idea,” wrote a third user. A fourth user commented, “hahhaha so funnn!!”