Cassian Baliarsingh

The great Indian wedding season is here and going to be lavish than ever. The winter has come along with the wedding season. Buffets are becoming common at most weddings, where guests can choose from a variety of food items.

However, a video is going viral on social media where guests at a wedding were required to make their own rotis. The viral video has left social media users perplexed. 

The never-before-seen video has been getting traction online after an X user shared it online.

“Is there a new trend in big parties? Make your own roti?” read the caption of the video.

The video shows guests lined up and baking their own rotis on a non-stick tawa. They can be seen holding a dish full of food in one hand and preparing the chappatis with the other hand. The bizarre video has left users in splits who flooded the comments section with hilarious comments.

“Bhool gaya tha shaadi mein aaya hun, yahan toh khaana banaya milta hai (I forgot I was going to a wedding. I have to cook my own food here,” commented a fan.

Another user wrote, “Yeh acha hai, khudke liye apne hisab se roti bana lo, crispy and fluffy.”

“This is next level: now banquet halls will have groceries, stove and dinnerware so that guests can cook their own food,” commented a third user.

Another  user hilariously wrote, “It would be interesting to see the guests in their wedding dresses washing the plates and spoons.”