Poonam Singh

Indian weddings are incomplete without cute competition between a bride and a groom during their marriage rituals. There are several videos on social media that show the cute banter between the bride and groom on their big day. Recently one such video has gone viral in which a bride and groom can be seen competing to put the varmala first on their wedding day. 

The viral video opens up to show the bride and groom standing on the wedding stage with varmalas in their hands. It can be seen the bride and groom are trying to put the garland on each other. However, a person can be seen holding the groom and making it difficult for the bride to put the varmala around the groom's neck.

As the video progresses, the groom can be seen finally able to put the garland first after all the tussle. Later, the groom can be seen helping the bride to free the varmala which she was holding which seemed to be entwined with something.

The video was shared by bridal_lehenga_designn on Instagram. The page is full of wedding videos and has millions of views on Instagram. The caption on the video reads, “Ye varmala ho rhe hai ya kuch or.”

The video has gone viral and managed to gather over 15.3K likes. “So funny,” commented a user. Another person wrote, “Shadi ko circus bana dala.”