Poonam Singh

Wedding Day is one of the most important days for a couple. The bride and groom have many expectations about their wedding. They wish everything to go smoothly on their D-day without any glitches. However, sometimes an awkward situation happens leaving everyone worried just like this bride who was left anxious and upset at her wedding stage due to an unwanted accident during her varmala ceremony. However, her groom came to her rescue and brought her smile back by solving the problem.

The groom’s quick response to the problem has been hailed by the netizens and everyone praised him for saving the day and making his bride happy. Groom’s actions turned the awkward situation into one of the most beautiful moments for the bride and made their varmala ceremony memorable.

The video has been shared on Instagram by Weddings Unfolded with the caption, "Who doesn’t wish to have a partner like him" 

In the video, you can see the bride and groom standing on the wedding stage for the varmala. The bride has already put the garland around the groom's neck. However, when the groom’s turn come, the garland breaks, leaving the bride anxious and worried. The bride was trying hard not to cry, however, the groom comes to her rescue and starts tying the garland together before putting it on the bride. The bride can be seen taking a deep breath of relief after the groom completes the ceremony and happily posing for the camera.

The video has amassed 1.3 million views, 15K likes, and many comments. The groom’s quick response to solve the bride’s worries has tugged at the heartstrings of many online.

One user wrote, “जीवन साथी yaisa hi होना चहिये tutey को भी जोड़ de.” Another commented, “This man gonna love her whole life so much really the most beautiful video on insta today .. god bless you both stat happy and blessed”
A third user wrote, “A right guy will fix it.”