Poonam Singh

Everyone has a certain level of expectation from their future spouse. While some are ready to make a few adjustments, others are quite particular and try to find a partner according to their preferences. And, this bride belongs to the latter category as she just could not stand her groom being a divyang.

According to Hindustan Live report, a bride from Uttar Pradesh’s Firozabad called off her wedding after the groom could not sit properly on the mandap due to disability; and that had been hidden by his family. 

The shocking revelation for the bride came during the ‘Jaimala’ rituals, following which she fainted on the mandap. She was later rushed to the hospital for treatment. However, after regaining consciousness, she refused to marry the groom saying she cannot spend the rest of her life with a divyang person.

Both families tried to persuade the bride to agree to the marriage, but the bride was adamant.

The bride's family claimed that until the day of the marriage, they were unaware that the groom was physically challenged. The mediator and the groom’s family had hidden his disability, claimed the bride’s mother and sister. 

They further said that if they had known about the groom’s disability, they wouldn’t have agreed to the marriage.

However, the refusal of the bride led to a spat between the two families. While the bride’s father is alleging that the groom’s family cheated them, the groom’s father said that the bride’s family had seen everything and fixed the marriage but now they are refusing it. 

He also added that they had not demanded any dowry from the bride’s family and had even given them Rs 1 lakh for the marriage.  

Meanwhile, both families reached the police station and tried to sort the matter through mutual understanding.