Poonam Singh

Wedding is one of the most important and memorable days for the bride and groom. However, the big day often becomes tedious and tiresome for not only the newlywed couple but for their friends and families also. Recently, one such video has gone viral on social media in which wedding guests can be seen sleeping.

In the viral video, you can see the bride and groom sitting on the mandap and doing some rituals according to the priest's direction. However, when the camera person pans the camera on the wedding guest, it showed how everyone was fast asleep. While some had covered themselves with blankets, others were fast asleep in a sitting position. Some of the family members of the newlyweds can be seen yawning also.

While many baratis just failed to remain awake during the wedding, the bride and groom fought all odds (like feeling drowsy by seeing them) and continued the rituals.

The video was shared by the bride herself with the caption "Dulha Dulhan Vs Rishtedaar during phere"

On social media, the video has accumulated more than 803K views and 38k likes. It has attracted mixed reactions from viewers. A user commented on the video saying, “wo aunty jo (Jacket emoji)dhak k soi hai (Laughing emoji) epic” “Isiliye time pe shaadi karni chahiye,” one wrote.

Another user said, “Ye vo ristedar hain jinko hamari shadi ki bhot chinta hoti hai sabse jada aur ab so rahe hain.”