Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Menace of bike-borne snatchers is being reported from every corner of the country of late. While some thieves snatch mobiles , some steal chains or purses, or any valuable belongings. Some victims cry for help while some fight the snatchers back bravely.

Here we bring a video of a brave girl who fought back against bike-borne snatchers bravely even though she was dragged on the road. As it seems, the girl was dragged along with the bikers from some distance.

As seen in the video, two bike-borne youths fall from their bike while a girl is seen holding one youth sitting on the pillion seat. Both youths get up from the road and so does the girl. However, the girl holds one youth while the other lifts up his bike. 

The girl yells out ‘Chor’ ‘Chor’ (thief).

However, the youth tries to escape from the grip of the girl and sits on the bike. But, the girl was brave enough to catch hold of the thief while shouting for help. Meanwhile, another old woman enters the frame to help the girl. 

The girl again succeeds to pull down the thief from the bike and attacks him with her fists. 

The youths again attempt to escape the scene but the girl clings on to them strongly. Then the youth starts hitting the girl’s hand, which loosens her grip. Finally, they flee from the spot.

The video is shared on Twitter by r/GharKeKalesh. As claimed by the user, the incident took place in Meerut, UP.