Rashmi Ranjan

A dreamy proposal plan of a boy taught him a lesson for life after it went drastically wrong. The video of the entire episode is now going viral on various social media platforms.

In the viral video, the boy in a school uniform can be seen happily entering the classroom while holding a flower.

He gets down and proposes a student who was already present in the classroom along with other students.

But to his utter surprise, the girl instantly rejected his proposal and slapped him on his face. 

However, it is still unclear if the incident has happened for real or this was just an act to create content for social media platforms.

The video, which was shared by an Instagram page , has so far garnered over 72,000 views and around 5500 likes.

Expressing dissatisfaction over the girl’s move, one user wrote, “ese kon mna krta h bhii,” while the other one wrote, “Not funny man.”

“Firstly thoda shock but kalla make me laugh,” a third user commented, while the fourth one wrote, “That ture lover bro.”