Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In India, many farmers still use the ox-plough for agriculture. With changing times, tractors are now being extensively used for farming.

However, a recent viral video on social media showed something very unusual– a man plowing field using a bike. 

The video gained attention as people dubbed the man in the video as 'jugaad' man.

In the viral video, a man is seen riding a motorcycle with a special attachment. There's a plough connected to the back wheel of the motorcycle. 

As the man drives is bike in the field, he then lowers the plough into the ground using a handle, digging into the mud and making it messy.

The caption accompanying the video reads, “Check out this DIY motorcycle tilling machine designed to break up hard, compact soil into loose, broken-up dirt that can then be used for planting.”

The video has garnered 8.3 million views, along with 109k likes and numerous comments. 

Some users expressed concerns, with one commenting, “Bike engines aren't made for this kind of work,” while another joked, “RIP Clutch Plate 😂😂.”

Others referred to it humorously as “Motrator 😂” and questioned its efficiency beyond social media sharing. 

One user even humorously predicted, “It won't work in the field, the tire will slip.”

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