Cassian Baliarsingh

Getting a tattoo of your partner can be a symbol of love and commitment. It is one of the best ways for youngsters to express their love and dedication to the love of their lives.

It is also a symbol of love to be a permanent part of life. However, a Bengaluru-based woman went extra length to express her love for her husband. In an extravagant gesture for her husband, the woman tattooed his name directly on her forehead.

In big letters, the tattoo reads the name of her husband Satish which has left the internet in shock after pictures of her tattoo went viral. A section of social media users praised the woman for her real love for her husband while others said, ‘RIP common sense’.

The viral video was posted on Instagram by King Maker Tattoo Studio in Bengaluru. In the video, we can see the woman getting the name of her husband, Satish, tattooed on her forehead. She looks overjoyed and delighted as she sits on a chair to get the tattoo.

The text on the video reads, ‘True Love’.

Social media users praised the woman for the depth and intensity of her love for her husband.

“Bas ek aisi ladki chahiye life mein,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Kahan milte hain aisi sachi pyar karne wali ladki.”

However, a section of people weren’t too impressed with the woman’s tattoo and roasted her in the comment section.

“This means nothing but stupidity. True love doesn’t require to be proved, it should be felt by your care, affection, priority, being there no matter what, supporting, uplifting, understanding,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “How silly, love is how u treat, respect and behave with each other.”

“That’s why education is more important,” commented another user.