Cassian Baliarsingh

In a unique approach, the Bengaluru City Police Commissioner ditched the traditional cake cutting and instead chose to cut a watermelon on his birthday. The top cop B. Dayananda was seen cutting a watermelon along with fellow friends and policemen.

A video of his unique birthday celebration was shared on X sparking debate on cutting off the western culture and adopting our own Indian traditions and culture.

The viral video shows Dayananda blowing the candles atop the watermelon. He then takes a knife and cuts the watermelon into two pieces, with other cops clapping and singing happy birthday for him. The video is now being widely shared on X.

Sharing the video, the X user wrote, “Setting a trend - @CPBlr Dayananda IPS Bangalore Police Commissioner, cutting a watermelon on his birthday. ‘Health and celebrations together top priority’.”

While a section of people praised the top cop for his healthy attitude, others trolled him for blowing the candles as done in western cultures.

“Time he gets creative in getting a handle on the law and order in bangalore … Bengaluru needs a top cop who is creative in getting a handle on the deteriorating order in Bengaluru more than being creative in celebrating his birthday,” commented a netizen.

Another netizen wrote, “But why extinguish light (knowledge) by blowing out candle? The need is to dispel darkness, which is why we light a lamp!”

“Novel way ever seen. Motivation to others. But putting off candles sends what messages? Kick off western culture of hackneyed practice which is not ours,” questioned a third user.