Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Several parts of India are currently reeling under a severe heat wave. As the heat wave continues unabated, people are opting for different options to beat the heat. While different summer drinks are preferred to remain cool, some others prefer to spend time in the water. Even bathing multiple times is another way to remain cool.

However, how can people stay cool while travelling on the road? People travelling in cars can simply turn on the AC; but what about people on two-wheelers?

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Here we bring a video that gives one of the funniest ideas of beating the heat while travelling in scorching heat on a two-wheeler. 

In the video, a boy and a girl are seen on a scooter and waiting for the green light at a traffic post. Suddenly, the girl sitting on the pillion pulls out a mug from a bucket she is carrying along and starts pouring water on the boy. She also pours water on herself as well. Other commuters on the road seem to be surprised as they break into laughter while gazing at the duo and their weird actions.

A few moments later, the two start their scooter and start moving on the road. Even while driving, the duo continues to ‘beat the heat’ with their strange act of bathing on the moving scooter.

The video shared on Twitter By Car News Guru has gone viral on social media while amusing netizens. As claimed, the incident took place in Thane. However, after the video went viral, police shared it with the traffic department to take necessary actions.

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