Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Nature is full of surprises. People most likely encounter several surprising incidents while exploring the wild. Luckily, some incidents get captured on camera and these video clips go viral on social media instantly.

People keen to learn about wildlife are aware that baboons are omnivores and opportunistic eaters. They feed on anything edible. Baboons have strong jaws and sharp teeth that allow them to crack open nuts and seeds, and even flesh. They are known to steal goats and sheep from human homesteads. But, can baboons dare to steal a cub of lion, tiger, or leopard-like strong and violent creatures?

Well, yes, baboons have been observed kidnapping young cubs of lions and other stronger creatures. They target the cubs when their parents are away for hunting. Though they don't eat the cubs, they eliminate the threat. 

Recently, a video surfaced on social media that shows a baboon stealing a lion cub. But, was immediately traced by the cub's mother. 

Here we bring the video from the wild that will certainly drive you excited.

In the video, the primate can be seen carrying the lion cub and sitting on a tree. As it seems, the primate stole the cub while its parents were away for hunting. The baboon bites the cub and tosses it in its hand. The cub seems to be unconscious or dead as no movement can be observed.

The next clip shows, the lioness climbing up the tree and charging the baboon. The primate takes a lead and moves to the edge of the branch. But, the big cat seems to be in no mood to spare the kidnapper. 

Probably, the primate slips down during an attempt to save itself.

The next clip shows the lioness chasing the baboon on the ground. The primate is quite slow and the lioness easily attacks it with its claws. The baboon gets injured and tries to defend. But, the big cat being stronger, overpowers the primate and probably punishes it for its act.

The video shared on Instagram by JP Saroj with a caption reading, "Lion Vs Baboon," has gone viral. Netizens massively liked the post and the comments section is flooded with statements.