Somatirtha Purohit

A video capturing the lively atmosphere at a Pakistan cricket team training camp has gone viral on social media. 

The footage showcases a playful exchange between former Pakistan captain Babar Azam and wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan. 

Shared on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) by Team Babar Azam, the video unfolds with Babar humorously chasing Rizwan, bat raised, in a light-hearted manner, creating an amusing scene.

In the clip, Babar leaves the crease after the ball reaches the wicketkeeper, prompting Rizwan to swiftly throw the ball at the stumps and appeal for a run-out. 

Following this, Babar playfully runs after Rizwan with his bat raised, mimicking a swing while the umpire is seen placing the bails back on the stumps, adding an extra layer of laughter to the delightful scenario. 

The camaraderie and playful banter between the two players provide fans with a glimpse of the lighter side of the cricketing world during their training sessions.

One user commented, “Hahahahha cutest video of today on internet.” Another user wrote, “Rizwan ne aisa kia Kiya ? Hmein audio chahye.” 

Babar Azam resigned from his position as the captain of the Pakistan cricket team in the wake of the team's disastrous performance in the ICC ODI World Cup 2023.