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It was a life-changing day for Dan Saunders as from being a bartender he became a millionaire and that too because of a glitch in ATM.

The incident has been reported from Australia where a bartender named Dan Saunders got $1.6 million from an ATM while trying to take out cash by transferring funds between his savings and credits accounts.

After getting the money from the cash machine, Saunders went on a spending spree for almost five months before ending up behind the bars.

As per Times Now report, Saunders was out drinking at his native town Wangaratta in Australia when he went to the ATM to withdraw cash by transferring funds between his savings and credits accounts.

Later in the day, he tried it again and again and ended up with $1,300 in cash.

Each time Saunders tried, the ATM would say "transaction cancelled" but cash would come out from the machine and surprisingly, without debiting any money from his bank account.

Reportedly, Saunders figured out that particular glitch happening between 1 am and 3 am after the machine was getting disconnected from the bank's network.

Hence, due to the glitch, the money he was withdrawing was not getting registered. This helped the bartender and he reportedly transferred $20,000 and spent the money on drinking and throwing parties.

He reportedly spent around $1.6million in five months, but in between he lost his job and his girlfriend dumped him because of some obvious reasons.

However, the glitch in the ATM was soon mended. Following that, Saunders even appeared on a national news programme where he talked about how he became an accidental millionaire.

Around three years later, he was arrested on charges of fraud and theft. He served a year jail term and again started in a bar at $22 an hour.