Cassian Baliarsingh

Be it in careers or in personal life, parents sometimes enforce their opinions on their children. However, this video of a man encouraging his daughter and son to dance in public with a group of strangers is the most wholesome moment you will watch today.

The viral video has the internet gushing over the man’s encouragement after the video was shared on Instagram. The video starts with two dancers practicing and making a reel in public.

The man and his children are mesmerised by the dance and watch it from a dance. Later, the man requests the dancers to help his children learn the dance steps and encourages them to dance without any hesitation.

Seeing that his daughter is a little hesitant, the man tries to encourage her and says, “There is nothing called best. Do whatever you know.” 

Later, the girl and her brother try a few steps with the dancers as the man cheers for them. This wholesome encouragement by the father is winning hearts online.


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Sharing the video, the dancers wrote, “Read this quote somewhere that said “As kids grow they may forget what you said, but they will never forget what you made them feel” and this video reminded me of this quote.”

“So this super dad walked in when we were filming a reel and was super kind to us and asked us whether his kids can dance with us. I guess they were on a trip to Mangalore and the amount of positive vibes these kids were radiating especially the younger boy. He has our heart.”

“We ended up dancing with them and their parents were so happy, especially the dad, he kept cheering constantly. I get the point of making hell lot of money, living an expensive life but sometimes it’s about enjoying the little things.”
Since being shared online, the video has garnered millions of likes and views with positive comments from social media users.

“With so many people hating content creators who want to shoot in public places and enjoy, he really understood that his kids can also enjoy. Rather than making faces or passing comments he not only encouraged his kids but also the content creators,” wrote a user.

Another user commented, “Hey (the dad in the reel) if you are reading this then just know, you are truly amazing. This is whatever child wants from their parents – no comparison and most importantly a little push.”