Cassian Baliarsingh

Every girl has a dream to look the best on her big day and make it the most memorable day of her life. Marriage is a bond of seven births and is the most awaited day of both the bride and groom’s life. 

The food, venue, music to her wedding attire, everything is planned according to the taste of the bride and groom. But what if destiny plans something else? 

The unique wedding we are going to talk about today is the story of a bride who met with a major accident just 45 days before her wedding. Everything was all set and the bride and the groom were excited for their big day.

However, as luck would have it, the bride met with a tragic road mishap. The bad moment turned everything upside down for the lovely couple. With no other option left, they were forced to postpone the wedding for another two months for the surgery of the bride. Days passed by after the surgery, but the bride still couldn’t walk properly.

But, as they say, if there is love, nothing can deter one’s spirit. The bride and groom decided to get married as per the plan. Guess what! The groom performed all the rituals by carrying the bride in his arms throughout the wedding. 

Sharing her story on Instagram, the bride wrote, “I know fairy tales come true because I have you.” 

Since being shared online, the post has garnered 432K likes with over 1229 comments from several social media users.

The first comment was the groom himself who wrote, “Zindagi bhar utha lengey, itni bench aur deadlifts aise hi nahin karte hain.” 

“Real life Vivah (movie) not leaving your side no matter what,” commented another user.

“This phera got me remember about mann film of Aamir Khan this movie’s last scene always left me in tears,” wrote another user.

“Must be nice. My fiancé left me when I got diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disorder that took a few organs and left me a bit disabled. We were so close to our wedding too. I always say Mashallah to videos like this but it also hurts ke why I didn’t get this. What did I do so wrong. Regardless, Mashallah, Hamesha khush raho,” wrote another user.