Cassian Baliarsingh

It is rightly said, ‘Bihar is not for beginners’ and this adage proved correct after a video of prison inmates pushing a police van out of fuel went viral on social media. The viral video shows four accused pushing a police van after it ran out of fuel.

Instead of seizing the opportunity to escape, the prisoners rather chose to push the police van for 500 meters. The viral video has triggered hilarious memes on social media, leaving the internet thoroughly entertained.

According to sources, the four accused arrested for violating alcohol laws in the dry state of Bihar, were being transported to the court. However, the vehicle ran out of fuel mid-way near Kachahari Chowk in Bhagalpur.

As expected, the policemen instructed the accused to put their muscles into action and push the vehicle. The viral video shows the prisoners pushing the vehicle with all their might. The viral video as expected triggered a memefest, with netizens struggling to believe what they just saw.

“This is like dad asking me to bring his belt on the day of results and mom asking me to bring her chappal and saying ‘kuch nahin karungi’,” a user commented.

Another user wrote, “Poonam Pandey makes weird headlines once in a while but Bihar does it every day.”

“Bihar is definitely not for beginners, nor for professionals,” another user commented. “This is like Kejriwal calling ED,” another user commented.