Cassian Baliarsingh

The G7 leaders meeting at the two-day NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania has come to an end. The leaders have announced an international framework that paves the way for long-term security guarantees for Ukraine.

However, a picture of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky standing alone at the NATO Summit while other delegates can be seen interacting with each other has drawn hilarious reactions from social media users.

In the viral pictures, Zelensky can be standing alone with a grim expression on his face while his wife Olena Zelenska is interacting with a delegate. He is seen dressed in his usual military green-coloured attire, uncertain of his next move.

The picture has sparked hilarious reactions and comments from social media users who think the delegates were not too happy with Zelensky for his remarks on Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

The picture of Zelensky has been shared widely, with Twitterati wondering if Zelensky was a ‘lost child in a fair’.

Here’s a look into a few hilarious memes that will make you go ROFL:


On the other hand, US President Joe Biden made another blunder when he confused Zelensky with Russian President Putin and referred to him as ‘Vladimir’.

‘Vladimir and I… I shouldn’t be so familiar,” Mr. Biden said. However, he was quick to realize his mistake and corrected himself soon enough.

Worth mentioning, the NATO Summit that took place from July 11-12 focused to address the challenges that the alliance is facing and to further strengthen NATO’s deterrence and defence.

Although a joint declaration issued by the G7 at the NATO Summit 2023 promised agreements to help Ukraine bolster its military, Zelensky has expressed disappointment over the lack of a clear path for Ukraine to join NATO.