• Friday, September 22, 2023
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Ukraine President Zelensky ignored at NATO Summit? Hilarious memes flood internet
Ukraine President Zelensky ignored at NATO Summit? Hilarious memes flood internet

Although a joint declaration issued by the G7 at the NATO Summit 2023 promised agreements to help Ukraine bolster its military, Zelensky has expressed disappointment over the lack of a clear path for Ukraine to join NATO.

Russian President Vladimir Putin
'Sign contract, return home or go to Belarus': Putin lays out options for Wagner soldiers

Meanwhile, Putin thanked all Russian servicemen, law enforcement officers and special services who prevented the mutiny.

We did not attack Putin, says Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has denied that his country carried out an alleged drone attack on the Kremlin, which Russia says was an attempt on President Vladimir Putin's life.

Vladimir Putin
ICC issues arrest warrant for Putin, Russia says 'meaningless'

The court alleges he is responsible for war crimes, including the unlawful deportation of children from Ukraine to Russia, the BBC reported.

Vladimir Putin
Putin signs law to suspend Russia's participation in arms treaty with US

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law officially suspending his country's participation in the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) with the US.

Joe Biden
Putin's craven lust for land & power will fail: Biden

In a fiery address from Warsaw's Royal Castle, US President Joe Biden assured to continue supporting Ukraine as it enters a second year of the ongoing war and said Russian President Vladimir Putin's "craven lust for land and power will fail".

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Successor of Vladimir Putin: Will Russian leader give up power to a technocrat?

Putin will seek to hand over power to a chosen heir and retire to his 1 billion pounds Black Sea 'palace' rather than risk the ignominious fate of toppled tyrants like Muammar Gaddafi, said Abbas Gallyamov, Putin's former speechwriter, Daily Mail reported.

Mystery Over Russian Tourists' Death Deepens In Odisha: Why was Pavel's body cremated in haste?

In a fresh twist to the mysterious death of two Russian tourists in Odisha’s Rayagada district, it is learnt that the body of lawmaker Pavel Antov was consigned to flames in a hurry after the post-mortem.

Russian tourists at Crime Branch office for questioning
Russian tourists' death in Odisha: Crime Branch constitutes another team for probe

The death of Pavel Antov, a business tycoon and critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has sent ripples across the globe. The lawmaker had been constantly opposing Russia-Ukraine war.

Vladimir Putin
Putin imposes martial law in former Ukrainian regions

The Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, as well as Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, already had martial law in place when they became part of Russia, Putin said.

Russia would consider Putin-Biden meeting at G20
Russia would consider Putin-Biden meeting at G20

About the possibility that Turkey could host talks between Russia and the west, Lavrov said Moscow would be willing to listen to any suggestions but could not say in advance whether this would lead to results, The Guardian reported.

  • Tuesday, 11 Oct 2022
  • G20
Vladimir Putin
Russian strikes a response to Ukrainian 'terrorism': Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that any further Ukrainian "terrorist" assaults on Russian soil will be met with a significant military response.

Vladimir Putin
Putin faces grim choices after blast hits prized Crimea bridge

An explosion that severely damaged parts of the road and rail bridge between annexed Crimea and the Russian mainland early Saturday seems designed to play into President Vladimir Putin's current talent for making bad decisions, local media reported.

US President Joe Biden
World would face Armageddon if Putin uses tactical nuke weapon: Biden

Biden said it was the closest the world had come to nuclear catastrophe for 60 years.

Vladimir Putin makes all-out attack on West, cites 'plundering of India'
Vladimir Putin makes all-out attack on West, cites 'plundering of India'

Hitting out at the US, he said that it is the only country in the world that has twice used nuclear weapons, destroying Japan's Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities, and setting a precedent.

Vladimir Putin
Russia calls on Kiev to return to negotiations: Putin

Moscow is ready for talks with Kiev, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday at a ceremony for the signing of treaties.

Putin ready to escalate perhaps up to the brink of nuke war: Report
Putin ready to escalate perhaps up to the brink of nuke war: Report

It is not impossible that Russia could lose territories that it has held since 2014 if Putin's forces cannot stop Ukraine's counter-offensive.

US President Joe Biden
Biden warns Putin against use of chemical or nuclear weapons

Biden gave an interview to CBS News anchor Scott Pelley at the White House which will be aired on Sunday. Biden's reaction came soon after Pelley asked what the consequences would be if Putin crossed the line.

PM Modi and Vladimir Putin
Today's era is not of war: PM Modi to Russian President Putin

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday pushed Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the conflict in Ukraine, saying "today's era is not of war" even as he called for finding ways to address the global food and energy security crisis.

PM Modi and Vladimir Putin
Modi meets Putin, Erdogan at sidelines of SCO meet

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the sidelines of SCO summit on Friday.