Cassian Baliarsingh

A Turkish woman thanked an Indian Army woman soldier in a special way for working tirelessly and helping the Turkey-Syria Earthquake victims under India’s Operation Dost.

The woman could not help but kissed the face of the woman soldier and blessed her for the rescue and relief work. Now, the picture of the Turkish woman kissing the woman soldier has been going viral online.

The beautiful picture was shared by Additional Directorate General of Public Information (ADG PI) of the Indian Army. Sharing the beautiful picture, they wrote, “We care #OperationDost.”

After being shared online, the post has garnered over 763.2K views and 19K likes and counting.

“Respect and gratitude to the Indian Army and their selfless services. This is such a nice gesture,” commented a user.

Similarly, another user wrote, “Muslim Ummah is sending prayers for Turkey and Syria and non-Muslims are sending humanitarian aid.”

A Pakistani girl also praised India and wrote, “Some Pakistanis are calling me an Indian agent for praising India’s Operation Dost launched to help earthquake hit Turkey and Syria. But, I still praise what is in favour of the humanity. I praise India for their efforts to save lives. Prayers.”

India has initiated ‘Operation Dost’ to help the Earthquake-hit Turkey and Syria in the aftermath of the quakes. As part of Operation Dost, the Indian Army had sent medical supplies, medical professions, a mobile hospital and rescue teams as part of ‘Operation Dost’.

The mobile hospital was well equipped with surgical and emergency wards.

Sharing the news, S Jaishankar wrote, “Under Operation Dost, India is sending search and rescue teams, a field hospital, materials, medicines and equipment to Turkey and Syria. This is an ongoing operation and we would be posting updates.”

Meanwhile, the death count in Monday’s Turkey-Syria earthquake has crossed 21,000 even as the rescue operations are on round the clock.