Cassian Baliarsingh

In a shocking incident, four snake charmers caused chaos among passengers after releasing their reptiles in a moving train. Angered by less money from passengers, the snake charmers released the snakes in a compartment of Chambal Express in Uttar Pradesh.

The charmers decided to scare the passengers after being disappointed with their earnings, reports said. There was chaos in the compartment for more than 30 minutes as terrified passengers scrambled to get onto the upper berths. Some even hid in the washroom till the nightmare ended, a passenger revealed.

According to sources, four snake charmers boarded the Chambal Express at Banda station which operates between Howrah and Gwalior. To entertain the passengers, they played their gourd flute and made their snakes dance.

Once the performance ended, they asked the passengers for money. However, only a few gave them money as not many were too happy with their performance. This led to a fight between the snake charmers and a few passengers.

Irate over it, the snake charmers released the snakes in the compartment, giving the passengers a scare of their lives. The snake charmers caught the snakes and fled at the next stoppage after a passenger informed the railway control room.

The snakes luckily did not bite anyone, but did cause significant distress, a passenger recalled.