Cassian Baliarsingh

The struggles of a single parent, be it a mother or father, are innumerable. We as a society often judge people who are separated or divorced. But, we fail to understand how life becomes miserable for them and all the hardships they have to go through.

The experience and pain of every parent could be different, but the struggles, the pain, the emotions, the dilemma, and the stress are more or less the same. Meanwhile, a single mother has come forward and shared her story of struggle and depression and finally beating all the odds to become successful.

She has been spreading the words of positivity with her journey and the internet is in awe of her.

Her message reads, “At 22, I got married to the man I loved. His parents didn’t want me to work. So even though I was a lawyer, I had to give it up. My husband didn’t stand up for me either. Within 2 years I became a mom. I thought things would get better, but I was wrong.”

“Soon, he began controlling me. Don’t go there, don’t wear this, don’t do that began. For 8 years, I endured everything for my son. Until one night the yelling scared my son and he started crying. My son feeling unsafe was the last straw. I finally walked out.”

“I moved to a new city and started afresh. I started creating content, began earning and built a new life. Today, I’m financially independent. I even wrote a book last year. My son is in the second grade and we’re more than happy.”

“so, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. But, at least my son is learning from his mumma, to live a life on one’s own terms! 

Her story has received an overwhelming response from social media users who highlighted the need of choosing a happy life instead of a toxic marriage.

“All ladies out there, don't get married if you are told to not work. It's as simple as that. Becoming financially independent is not a choice but a necessity,” commented a user.

Another user commented, “Girls need to notice red flags before entering into marital relationships. Practically speaking, it’s extremely difficult for a single mother to get remarried again, but that guy would begin a new family life again. So, every woman deserves another chance too. P.S. not talking about women who don’t want remarriage.”

“She is an inspiration to many women out there who are caught in a toxic relationship. There is nothing wrong in prioritising yourself, inspite of the hurling insults. Her son can now grow up in a positive environment and learn how not to treat a woman. You are in my prayers, Mam!!’ commented a third user.