Cassian Baliarsingh

In a shocking incident, a woman was left horrified after finding out that her best friend was uploading her images and videos on adult sites. The woman from the United Kingdom (UK) has come forward to explain how she discovered her best friend was generating her deepfake pornographic images and videos.

Speaking to BBC, Julie (name changed) revealed she received a link to a pornographic webpage through an anonymous email address. Upon browsing, she was shocked to see herself in graphic pictures and videos, showing her engaged in illicit activities.

With unauthorised usage of her name and images, she was portrayed as a s*x worker. 

“I was screaming and crying violently scrolling through my phone to work out what I was reading and what I was looking at. I knew that this could genuinely ruin my life,” Julie recalled. Shocked, Julie initially thought it was the work of her ex-boyfriend.

However, she was terrified to find out that it was her best friend Alex Woolf, who she absolutely trusted. As per Julie, she became friends with Alex during her teenage years due to their mutual appreciation of classical music.

To her shock, Alex was trading her original photos in exchange for deepfakes. Not just Julie, Alex has been found guilty of taking pictures of over 15 women. The accused took pictures of women from social media and posted them to adult websites.

Shockingly, Alex has won BBC Young Composer of the Year in 2012, a double first in music from Cambridge University. He also made an appearance on Mastermind in 2021