Cassian Baliarsingh

Bengaluru, the IT Hub of India, has been ruling online platforms with several memes highlighting unique events that could only happen in the country’s startup capital. Such events have been termed ‘Peak Bengaluru’ as they could only occur in the city.

Social media is filled with ‘Peak Bengaluru’ stories of rickshaw drivers turning out to be engineers and start-up founders. Now, a similar story of a successful architect quitting his high-paying job to sell vada pav has caught the attention of many.

The architect’s dream to become a roadside food vendor is to revive Vada Pav’s complete meal charm in Bengaluru. A social media user, with the permission of the architect, shared his story on X and shared a picture of him standing with a placard that read, “I’m not a superhero, but I can save the day with a vada pav.”

In the picture, the architect can be seen standing next to a two-wheeler that is packed with food boxes. Sharing the story, the X user Vishwas wrote, “Met the guy at Zudio, HSR. A day made with a mix of shopping and vada-pav bliss! An ex-architect, he left the corporate world to revive Vada Pav’s complete meal charm.”

He continued, “Living in Bengaluru is a thrilling ride on the innovation rollercoaster!”

Similarly, in another Peak Bengaluru, an Uber cab driver launched his app to compete with Uber and Ola and already has more than 600 drivers on his app.