Poonam Singh

Every four years, our annual 365-day journey around the sun extends to 366. Leap years occur every four years, and 2024 is a leap year which means we will have one more in February.

To celebrate this Hungarian graphic artist Gergely Dudás has created a viral leap-year-themed optical illusion.

Notably, optical illusions are tricky images that are often perceived in a manner that differs from their actual reality. However, they are a fun way to exercise your brain muscles to sharpen them.

Dudás captioned the image: “Hoppy Leap Year! Can You find a frog that is NOT leaping?”

Dudás has challenged the netizens to find a frog which is not leaping in the picture that shows a group of leaping frogs.

Many netizens successfully spotted the animals with empty glasses and shared about it in the comments section. 

One user wrote, “Love all the frogs...may be my favorite creation” while another wrote, “I found the cute frog there” (SIC)

Have you spotted the frog that is NOT leaping in the image? The trick to solving this optical challenge is to observe the image carefully; by concentrating on the picture, you can easily spot the frog that is NOT leaping easily.

Are you stuck with the image...Have you found a frog that is NOT leaping? If not, don’t worry; you can check the video below for the answer and how the creator created this beautiful illustration.