Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The lives of ragpickers in India are quite devastating. Neither do they have a permanent home to live nor do they get a proper meal to eat every day. They collect waste and scraps by roaming everywhere. They get exposed to harmful materials, infections, and susceptible diseases every day, but they continue their work to bring food to their plates.

Ragpickers play a very important role in our society, however, everyone ignores them. 

Here we bring a video of an elderly ragpicker couple who were busy with their daily lives of collecting waste. However, a foreign magician brought tears of happiness to their eyes with his magic tricks.

As seen in the video, the elderly couple is sitting on the footpath with the collected waste and scrap. Suddenly, a foreigner approaches them and asks them, “How are you doing?”

Next, he asks them if they are interested in seeing a magic trick. The elderly man says yes to his proposal and the foreigner continues his show by saying, “You have some trash on the floor. I want you to pick up a newspaper.”

The elderly woman picks up a newspaper and hands it over to the magician after he asks to do so. The magician starts ripping the newspaper into pieces. He tears the newspaper into smaller pieces and also asks the couple to help him in shredding it.

The magician then joins the small pieces of paper and opens a full-size newspaper. Several Indian currency notes were attached to the newspaper. He presents the newspaper with the currency notes to the elderly couple and says, “And, this is for you.” 

While the elderly man thanked him for such a kind gesture, the elderly woman was in tears and is seen wiping her eyes. It was certainly a delightful and heart-warming moment for the elderly couple as it is money that they need the most. 

This video of the magician has gone viral on social media with netizens showering love on him for helping the elderly couple.

The magician is Julius Dein, a celebrated artist with a whopping number of followers on Instagram. He hails from London and uploads several such videos of his magic shows impressing the live audience.