Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre incident, a young bride called off her wedding after the groom reportedly failed to count money in Uttar Pradesh. The incident has been reported from UP’s Farrukhabad district.

The bride took the brave step after the priest grew suspicious of the groom’s behaviour during the marriage rituals and apprised the girl’s family, reported The Times of India. 

As per TOI, the bride’s family later decided to conduct a test and gave him 30 currency notes of Rs 10 to count which he couldn’t. Then, it was found out that the groom was of unsound mind and had some mental illness.

However, the groom’s family had hidden this from the bride’s family. An infuriated bride immediately walked off from the dais which led to chaos between the two families. The local police were later called to intervene to bring the situation under control.

The bride’s family accused the groom’s family of hiding his mental illness and claimed they were unaware of his unsound mind. The marriage was later called off after the bride refused to marry the man at any cost. The groom and his family had to return empty-handed.

“Marriages usually happen in good faith and the mediator was a close relative. So we trusted him and did not meet the groom before. But, when the priest told us about his odd behavior, we came to know about his condition and my sister also refused to marry him,” said the bride’s brother.