Poonam Singh

Optical illusions are cool images perceived in a manner that differs from objective reality. They are a fun way of exercise for your brain muscles to sharpen them.

Optical Illusions are used in the field of psychoanalysis. Apart from this, optical illusions are also useful in determining various psychological disorders like schizophrenia and phantom limb syndrome.

An optical illusion, which can put your observational skills to the test, has gone viral on the internet. The image challenges you to find five noseless snowmen. 

This image was created by Hungarian graphics artist Gergely Dudás. He specialises in creating such extraordinary pictures.

In the picture, you can see a group of snowmen; however, five noseless snowmen are hidden.

Pic Credit: Instagram/thedudolfPic Credit: Instagram/thedudolf

However, the challenge is that you have to spot five noseless snowmen within 15 seconds. At first glance, you might have difficulty in spotting the noseless snowmen. However, if you keenly observe the picture you can easily spot them.

Can you spot the five noseless snowmen in this optical illusion within 15 seconds in the above image? Just look at the image carefully and you can spot the five noseless snowmen easily.

So, kudos to those who have successfully spotted the five noseless snowmen. And for those who are yet to get the answer, simply look at the outline that is provided below with the solution circle.

Pic Credit: Instagram/thedudolfPic Credit: Instagram/thedudolf