Cassian Baliarsingh

In an unusual turn of events, a US-based doctor had to spend a whopping Rs 4 lakh for the wedding of his wife’s friend. Yes, you read that right! The US-based doctor Sravan Panuganti had to shell out Rs 4 lakh to take part in the wedding.

The frustrated doctor vented out his anger on 'X' (formerly known as Twitter) that has now been going viral. In the post, Sravan shared how his wife served as a bridesmaid for her friend’s wedding and he had to bear the brunt of the marriage costs.

He broken down the expenses and wrote, “Wife is a bridesmaid in friends destination wedding, $2k to attend bachelorette party, $1500 for bridal shower, another couple hundred for a dress, spending around $5K as a fam to get to wedding. Terrible thing to do to your friends, should really make your worst enemies do this.”

He sarcastically added that such huge expenses should be reserved for one’s worst enemies rather than close friends.

As expected, his post has garnered hilarious reactions from other social media users who shared their similar experience.

A user shared, “We had to go to Thailand AND India for a friend’s wedding in one year … soon after, they ghosted us.”

“She doesn’t need to do any of those things. “No” is a complete sentence. Also, why is a bridal shower and bachelorette so expensive? I’ve been a bridesmaid a bazillion times. Nobody expects you to travel for a shower,” commented a second user.

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Another user wrote, “Decline to attend, but say you'll putting an amount in a rainy day ETF/trust something something accessible to whichever side you are friends with - for the inevitable dissolution of marriage.  Stay toxic.”