Cassian Baliarsingh

Our day-to-day lives in the city can get pretty stressful, and finding a dedicated time and place to reconnect with nature, free from all the noise to hear your own voice can be quite a challenge. To escape from the hectic life, we often go to a park or a garden for a fresh breath of air and a moment of peace.

Shinrin Yoku, or the Japanese art of Forest Bathing is an immersive, silent and soulful walk into the forest from where you emerge feeling more centred. As per the Sinrin Yoku, people can hug a tree to feel in peace.

However, a new business venture has made it a profitable business, causing a stir online. A company in the Startup Capital of India is charging a hefty Rs 1500 for the ‘Forest Bathing Experience’.

A social media user shared a screenshot of the tickets charged, that has left social media users enraged online.

Sharing on X, the user wrote, “Babe, wake up! There’s a new scam in the market.” As expected, the tweet has gone viral sparking a debate online.

“Look, guys! I have nothing against the idea of forest bathing. I am sure it is beneficial in many ways, but the location and the charge....????🤣 Cubbon Park is definitely among the best parks we have, but is it NOT a forest. Act normal for once,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “You connect with nature by hugging trees and spending time under their shade. All of that is good, but it is happening in a publicly owned space at a hefty ₹1,500 charge.”

“When your daily life does not see much beyond the walls of office and home, Cubbon Park surely feels like a forest,” commented a third user.