Poonam Singh

A mind-bending, deeply intriguing, shape-shifting image of an object, drawing, or people that challenges the brain's perception of things is an optical illusion.  There are three types of optical illusions: literal, physiological, and cognitive.

The beauty of optical illusions is that they engage the user's attention for a brief period of time, which helps to sharpen the brain.

According to reports, regular practice of optical illusions helps the user with a good form of mental exercise and helps in the growth of a more knowledgeable intellect.

A new image has set the internet abuzz, with social media users challenging to find a bunny among cats.

Do you want to put your observation skills to the test? Then you should immediately try this quick optical illusion challenge. The goal is to find the bunny in 8 seconds.

Pic Credit: Instagram/thedudolfPic Credit: Instagram/thedudolf

It won't be an easy task to spot the bunny as it camflouged with cats brilliantly with a slight difference between them. Individuals only with good observation skills will be able to spot the bunny easily.

Although it is not an easy one, attempting this challenge will be an interesting one for the readers.

HINT for those who have found the bunny:

So, kudos to those who have successfully spotted the bunny. And for those who are yet to get the answer, we have highlighted the hidden bunny for your ease in the image given below:

Pic Credit: Instagram/thedudolfPic Credit: Instagram/thedudolf