Cassian Baliarsingh

IT hub Bengaluru is one of the most traffic-congested cities in the world. Office goers and commuters often get stuck in traffic and have to spend extra hours every day on the road due to traffic woes.

Meanwhile, the traffic police are taking every measure to reduce traffic congestion in the city by removing obstacles, expediting civil work, removing illegal parking and synchronisation of signals.

However, a picture of a policeman puncturing the motorbike of a zomato delivery worker over parking on footpath has not gone well with many Bengalureans. They called out the ill behaviour of the cops and also shared their bad experiences.

The Twitter thread shares how this was not the way to end traffic woes in the city.

A Twitter user shared the picture of the traffic cop and wrote, “A police puncturing motorbike of zomato’s delivery worker in Koramangala, Bengaluru. Are the car tires also getting punctured or air blown out? Many cars park on footpath at many places, action of law should be equal to all. What do you say #Bengaluru?”

The post has over 11.5K views, 322 likes and 103 retweets and counting. “Air blown out from both back tire of my car near Apollo hospital, Koramangala. Went early morning to admit my father for surgery & parked on the right without knowing it was left side parking. Came out of clinic at 9:30pm, & it was a nightmare to get it fixed at that hour,” shared a user.

Another user wrote, “This is wrong. Let him charge penalty but doing this is a problem for delivery guys who get paid on the timely service.” 

“Parking is another huge issue in Bangalore. Either doesn’t exist or is super expensive. Yes, the government suggests us to use public transport. But is the connectivity good enough and is it reliable? I don’t think so,” commented another user.

However, a few netizens came out in the support of the traffic cop and said he was doing the right thing as roads are blocked due to unnecessary parking that causes road blockade.

“I remember in 1977, 78 when we cyclists used to ride wrong side, our cycle tyres would be deflated and we will push the cycle to the nearest pump. Yes both for cars and two wheelers need to deflate for foot path parking, parking on the wrong side. I support this,” wrote a user.

Another user wrote, “Riding on footpath, parking at No Parking zone, riding without helmet, wrong side driving and you think police should not question? Bangalore traffic police are doing great work and we should support.”