Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Many women often encounter difficulties while in need to use public toilets, especially in places like Delhi. A recent survey by Harpic India highlighted alarming findings that 70% of women struggle to locate a usable public toilet when they need one.

To address this issue, lavatory care brand Harpic has introduced the Harpic Loocator App. This app aims to make it easier for everyone, particularly women, to find nearby public toilets.

It promises to provide users with ratings for different toilets, ensuring they can choose the best option available.

The report also revealed that many women reduce their water intake while traveling or spending time outdoors to avoid the need for public toilets, which can lead to health risks such as dehydration or urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Additionally, 78% of women admitted to avoiding fieldwork or extended travel to bypass using public toilets altogether.

Recognising the urgency of this issue, the Harpic Loocator App not only locates nearby public toilets but also empowers users, especially women, to rate and add more toilets to the app, thereby benefiting entire communities.

During the launch, Aalap Desai emphasised the importance of addressing this issue, stating, “Access to toilets is easier for men in India, but women continuously face this challenge.”