Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The groundbreaking gadget called Humane AI Pin, which aims to replace smartphones, was launched in April 2024. 

However, the company sent an email to its users advising them to immediately stop using the charging case due to safety concerns after two months. 

This startup, founded by former Apple executives, took this step after discovering issues with a third-party battery cell that could potentially cause a fire hazard, according to The Verge.

The email was prompted by a user reporting a charging problem while using a third-party USB C-type cable and power source. 

Following an investigation, the company found that the battery supplier did not meet their quality standards, leading to the risk of fire. 

To address the inconvenience, Humane offered affected users an extra two months of free subscription to their service, essential for most of the device's features.

All Humane AI Pin users are advised to cease using the charging case and await further instructions from the company. 

The device is priced at approximately Rs. 58,000 in Indian currency and is expected to launch in the Indian market soon.

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