Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Smartphones are playing an increasingly significant role in the tech world, and one notable development is the integration of these devices into vehicle operations.

The rapid growth of technology has paved the way for advanced tools that greatly benefit users.

Among these tools is an AI-driven system known as 'Flow Pilot,' which transforms your car into an autonomous vehicle.

This open-source advanced driving assistance system, fully compatible with openpilot, brings Tesla autopilot-like functionality to a wide range of cars.

Developed by the Indian hacker Mankaran Singh, Flow Pilot runs on modern Android smartphones, desktops, and compute boards.

Singh, despite facing academic challenges, pursued his passion for self-driving technology for almost four years

Flow Pilot, or AI tools like it, have sparked discussions about the feasibility and regulation of self-driving vehicles in India and globally.

To utilise Flow Pilot on your smartphone, basic tech knowledge is required.

Installing Flow Pilot is a straightforward process, utilising stable Android APIs to ensure a consistent experience across a variety of Android phones.

While root access optimises the experience, it can run on all Snapdragon-powered Android phones, with support for non-Snapdragon phones coming soon.

While the official price of Flow Pilot is not declared, many reports suggest it is a paid tool, approximately priced at around Rs 12,500 in India.

The internet's response to Flow Pilot has been diverse, with netizens expressing both fascination and concern.

Some humorous comments on social media highlight potential scenarios, like imagining the phone battery dying in the middle of an overtake, reflecting a mix of excitement and apprehension within the online community.