Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Tesla's humanoid robot may now be ready to tackle advanced tasks, as the Tesla Optimus ‘X’ account has released a video showcasing the Tesla Bot performing a factory task using neural end-to-end training.

In this video, Optimus, can be seen sorting battery cells. In the caption, Tesla stated, "Trying to be useful lately!" The video highlights that Optimus' neural network operates in real-time on its FSD computer using 2D cameras, hand tactile, and force sensors.

Tesla added that precise movements are necessary with minimal margins during insertions, and the neural net automatically targets the next free slot.

Although the task showcased in the video—sorting battery cells into a container, it is important to note that the Tesla Bot will continue to undergo training and improve over time.

According to reports, Tesla has trained and deployed a neural net, enabling Optimus to perform useful tasks such as picking up battery cells from a conveyor and inserting them precisely into a tray.

Tesla Bot Engineer Milan Kovac mentioned, "Optimus can now take long walks across the office without falling :)."

He further said, "Ongoing work is focused on making it move faster and handle more challenging terrains—all while maintaining its human-like nature. We're also prioritizing repeatability across the fleet, training the neural net to adapt to dynamic calibration and slight variations between bots."