Soumya Prakash Pradhan

This week's tech news covers a wide range of advancements, from smartphone launches to AI models and gaming.

Let's explore the key highlights in this recap of the week's top tech news, featuring seven key stories.

The Nothing Phone (2a) will be manufactured in India by UK-based tech company Nothing, led by CEO Carl Pei, who showed excitement for the Indian market.

Apple's Vision Pro received mixed feedback due to concerns about comfort, price, and user experience, prompting Apple to investigate and address customer issues.

Leaked details about GTA 6, including new features like gore, dual wielding, and a basketball game mode sparked excitement among gamers awaiting official announcements.

Reliance Industries' collaboration with BharatGPT group aims to launch 'Hanooman,' an AI service developed with Indian Institutes of Technology, catering to various sectors and languages.

Google plans to produce Pixel smartphones in India to tap into the country's vast consumer base, expand market presence, and streamline logistics.

Elon Musk criticised Google's Gemini AI, accusing it of displaying racist tendencies, leading Google to pause certain features of the chatbot.

The shutdown of the social media platform 'X' in Pakistan sparked criticism from digital rights activists, prompting the Sindh High Court to intervene and demand restoration of services.