Joining Meta-owned Instagram in blatantly copying TikTok features, micro-blogging platform Twitter has started testing a new tool called "quote tweet with reaction," where the users can embed a tweet copy into a photo or video instead of just replying with text.

The feature is currently being tested with some iOS users.

"Testing on iOS: when you tap the Retweet icon, choose 'Quote Tweet with reaction' to create and customise your very own Tweet Take a reaction video (or photo) with the Tweet embedded," the company said in a tweet late on Thursday.

The feature is similar to TikTok's video replies, which Instagram recently copied for its Reels feature.

A Twitter spokesperson told The Verge that "currently you won't be able to turn off who can and can'ta use the feature on your tweets.

Twitter also announced to make it easier to "start a Tweet with a new composer bar above the bottom navigation menua.

This feature is also being tested with some of the iOS users.

Instagram last month added its own version of TikTok's video replies to encourage people to reply to comments on posts through Reels.

Twitter in December 2020 had added the ability to embed a tweet in a Snapchat message or story.