Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Smart clothing is a growing trend in technology, offering wearable devices that improve our daily routines.

One exciting development is the emergence of smart pants, which aim to prevent the awkward situation of an open zipper.

Here is how Guy Dupont, a Twitter user, has cleverly designed a pair that can detect and alert you when your zipper is open.

The Evolution of Smart Pants

Smart clothing has been steadily advancing, providing users with practical and convenient features.

While the concept of smart pants with zipper detection may seem unusual, it demonstrates the potential for seamlessly integrating technology into our everyday wardrobes.

Guy Dupont's Innovative Creation

Inspired by a friend's request, Guy Dupont undertook the task of developing pants capable of detecting if the zipper is left open for an extended period.

He posted a video on Twitter to demonstrate the functionality of his creation.

The pants utilise a sensor to detect the position of the zipper, and if it remains open for too long, a push notification is sent to the user's smartphone using WiFly, a wireless communication service.

This clever solution aims to avoid any potential embarrassment resulting from an unnoticed open zipper.

Smart Pants

In his follow-up tweets, Guy Dupont provided insights into the inner workings of his smart pants.

He explained that he attached safety pins to a hall effect sensor, while a strong magnet was securely glued to the zipper.

These components are connected by wires to an ESP-32, a small microcontroller board discreetly placed in the pocket.

The ESP-32 detects when the hall effect sensor remains in an "on" state (indicating an open zipper) for a specific duration, triggering the push notification to the paired smartphone.

This innovative combination of sensors, magnets, and microcontrollers exemplifies the seamless integration of fashion and technology.

Limitations and Future Prospects

While the idea of smart pants with zipper detection is promising, there are some practical limitations to take into account.

The presence of delicate electronic components in the pants makes the washing process more complex, requiring special care.

Furthermore, the continuous connection between the sensor and the smartphone may have an impact on the phone's battery life.

However, considering that Guy Dupont's creation was primarily a project for friends and potential investors, it could serve as a stepping stone for future advancements in smart clothing technology.