Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S24 series, proudly labeled 'Made in India,' has been officially revealed worldwide, including in India, during the Samsung Unpacked 2024 event.

The series comprises three models – Galaxy S24, S24+, and the high-end S24 Ultra, each tailored to diverse user needs with different pricing.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone introduces exciting AI features focusing on language, productivity, and camera functionalities.

Notable features include Live Translate, Chat Assist, and other AI features added to the Samsung S24 Series this year.

AI Live Translate

One standout AI feature in the S24 series is 'Live Translate.' Imagine you know only Hindi, and you are conversing with someone who speaks English.

Samsung addresses this by allowing the Hindi speaker to hear the English conversation translated in real-time. This feature significantly helps overcome language barriers.

Generative AI Wallpaper

Another remarkable AI feature is the 'Generative AI wallpaper.' Users can create a variety of wallpapers using text prompts and the built-in features of the S24 series.

AI Circle Search

The 'Circle Search' AI feature eliminates the need to type when searching for information on the internet.

For instance, if a user wants details about an object in a picture, they simply need to circle that area, and Google will automatically provide relevant results. This makes the S24 series more user-friendly and efficient.

AI Summarisation 

The 'Summaries' AI tool is designed for handling lengthy documents like PDFs, texts, or articles.

The S24 series uses this feature to provide users with summarised versions at regular intervals, making it easier to understand complex information in a shorter format.

The smartphone is equipped with AI features for user convenience. 

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's price in India starts at Rs 1,29,999 for the base 12GB + 256GB RAM and storage configuration. 

It is also available in 12GB + 512GB and 12GB + 1TB variants, priced at Rs 1,39,999 and Rs 1,59,999, respectively.