Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Many students struggle with mathematics because they do not practice enough, causing them to forget formulas and rules.

This makes them feel helpless when trying to solve math problems. 

However, in today's digital age, there's a solution: Google has acquired the popular math-solving app Photomath to address this issue. 

With Google now behind it, previous mistakes have been sorted out and the app is once again available on the Google Play Store and App Store as an official Google app.

Photomath is impressive in its ability to solve math problems.

It covers everything from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus, including tasks like derivatives, integrations, and concepts like Laplace transforms, crucial in engineering subjects like electrical engineering.

Using the app is simple: just point your phone's camera at a math problem, whether it's printed or handwritten, and Photomath's AI does the rest.

Within moments, you will see the answer on your screen along with a detailed explanation of how to solve it.

This allows students to understand the process behind the math problems, rather than just copying down answers.

Parents can also use it to check their children's homework. Moreover, as the app works offline, you do not need a Wi-Fi connection.

For those who want additional features, Photomath offers an optional subscription called Photomath Plus.

This includes textbook solutions, animated tutorials, and more detailed explanations, priced at approximately Rs. 827 per month or Rs. 5798 annually.

Here's how to use the app step by step:

1. Install or update the app from the app store.
2. Open the app and grant all necessary permissions.
3. Point your phone's camera at the math problem.
4. Fit the problem within the marked frame.
5. Click on the red circle icon at the bottom.
6. Almost instantly, you will see the answer. If you want to see how the app arrived at that answer, hit the "Show Solving Steps" button.