Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In the AI race, there are both cons and pros to developing technology.

There is fear of misuse, but AI also offers hope, especially, seen during India's ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

Most of the time, politicians and party leaders have to battle morphed videos and pictures, but a new study by Policy 4.0 reveals AI's positive potential.

This research, "An AI Experiment on Augmented Democracy for India," explores how AI can guide voters wisely and bridge political divides.

By creating AI versions of voters, the study dives into new territory.

While AI often gets a bad rap for deepfakes and misinformation, this study shines a light on its brighter side. 

Tanvi Ratna, Policy 4.0's founder, explains Augmented Democracy (AD), where digital twins enhance people's role in democratic decisions.

This experiment, happening alongside the election, is a step toward a better democracy, using AI for the greater good.

What Is The Research About?

The research focuses on using large language models (LLMs) to create digital twins, virtual versions of voters based on their political preferences.  

These AI twins simulate voter personas using survey data, then analyse vast datasets including economic performance and party policies to offer personalised voting recommendations.

Prabhu Pradhan, lead researcher at Policy 4.0, believes AI can combat misinformation, especially crucial during elections.

The study, particularly relevant for India as the world's largest democracy, addresses the challenge of engaging tech-savvy young voters.

What Are The Prospects?

The research suggests that AI, like LLMs, can make personalised 'AI twin' helpers for voters. 

This could pave the way for AI tools that give tailored advice and election info. 

These tools might gather data on candidates, fact-check, and provide customised summaries to help voters choose based on their beliefs.

This could combat misinformation and guide voters towards choices that match their values.

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