• Friday, September 22, 2023
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New app uses AI to spot fake products via smartphone camera, know here

Alitheon's FeaturePrint app utilises AI and a phone's camera to combat counterfeit products, providing businesses and consumers with a reliable solution for authentication.

Soumya Prakash Pradhan
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Alitheon's innovative app: Turn your phone camera into a detect fake productsPhotoPhoto: Canva Pro

Alitheon's innovative app: Turn your phone camera into a detect fake products

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Alitheon, a US-based company, has created a smartphone app called FeaturePrint to combat the problem of counterfeit products in online shopping.

According to the claims made by the company, this app uses AI and a phone camera to help users verify the authenticity of a product by taking a photo.

FeaturePrint's use of AI technology has significant advantages for both businesses and consumers.

It is claimed that this technology offers swift and convenient authentication, thereby ensuring the protection of consumers against the purchase of counterfeit items, while simultaneously assisting businesses in maintaining their brand integrity.

Authenticity Verification

According to Alitheon, the company claims that FeaturePrint distinguishes itself from traditional authentication methods by utilising AI algorithms instead of relying on specialised sensors, holograms, barcodes, or stickers.

The application analyses intricate surface details of physical items and converts them into a unique set of mathematical numbers.

This approach allows FeaturePrint to effectively identify, authenticate, and detect products with precision, even when they are incomplete or damaged.

If the claims hold true, the application proves to be highly valuable not just in identifying counterfeit clothing, electronics, or accessories, but also in verifying the authenticity of valuable items like gold or antique watches, which carry substantial worth in the auction market.

Secure and Accountable 

Alitheon has adopted a strategic approach in deploying FeaturePrint to address the issue of counterfeit products.

Rather than making the app available through public app stores, the company has chosen a licensing model that encourages businesses to sign up for the platform.

With FeaturePrint, companies have the potential to save significant financial losses and protect their customers from the risks associated with counterfeit goods.

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