Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In the race for AI advancement, numerous AI tools have emerged in the past year. Now, another AI tool has entered the internet scene with the aim of addressing loneliness, particularly among Gen Z, where human connections are diminishing.

This new AI platform, called ',' claims to facilitate genuine human connections through the power of AI and social networking, positioning itself as the world’s first AI-powered social network. aims to foster real connections by allowing users to create digital versions of themselves, known as 'Rilis.'

These Rilis are personalised and context-aware, offering a unique approach to interaction. Users can train their digital twin by directly engaging with it or by feeding it content from their social media profiles.

An innovative feature of is its infinite memory capability, enabling digital twins to remember and build upon past conversations.

How does work?

Users begin by defining their digital twin's personality and traits. They can then train and improve their Rilis through direct interaction or by connecting their social media accounts to allow the AI to analyse their posted content. 

The creators mention leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) with "infinite memory," enabling deeper bonds with users.

As prepares for its alpha launch in six countries, including India, it supports Hindi, with plans to include more languages in the future.

Overall, the co-founder of emphasizes their goal of fostering connections between people and facilitating knowledge sharing, akin to platforms like YouTube.