South Korean game developer Krafton on Friday said that it is rolling out a new update -- version 1.6 -- to Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) with new features.

The update, with the introduction of Flora Menace, special features and realistic game dynamics, is now rolling out sequentially on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

"A new mode 'Flora Menace' has been added to BGMI, bringing in interesting possibilities. In this mode, a life barrier is created in some part of the map that is encroached by alien creatures," the company said in a statement.

"In the wall, players' HP gradually recovers. Players can loot 'Nacore' in the mode and use the item to buy battle items. The mode is available in Classic Theme Modes and starting from Erangel, it will be added to Sanhok and Livik," it added.

The latest update will pack a lot of surprises later in the month as EvoGround will feature the popular Zombie mode "Survive Till Dawn" where the last surviving player in the zombie attack gets the final victory.

Many more popular game modes such as the Payload Mode will be appearing in EvoGround so players are requested to keep a close eye on our social channels for launch dates or directly dive into EvoGround in matchmaking.

The new version also includes the recording option, allowing players to record their gameplay and showcase their clips on social media platforms.

"In fact, a slew of community contests on our social channels will be rolled out around recorded clips in-game. Fans can participate and win amazing rewards," according to the company.

With the idea of keeping more strategic tools at players' disposal, an auto-bandage option has been added, distance information is included in the In-Game Mark and the famous flight path can now be replayed after landing.

Additionally one can test out weapons like P90, MG3, ASM Abakan in the all-important training ground before heading into a match.