Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Google recently hosted its annual I/O developers conference, which focused heavily on AI technology.

The event, which lasted for two hours, showcased several AI-powered tools developed by Google, including photo editing tools and the Bard AI.

Among the most noteworthy announcements was the introduction of the Google Help Me Write feature, a cutting-edge tool designed to transform the way people write, regardless of their skill level.

What is Google Help Me Write?

Google Help Me Write is an upcoming AI-powered tool that is set to be integrated into products like Gmail and Docs.

As the name implies, this tool is designed to assist users with their writing tasks.

It uses generative AI technology to help users save time and effort, whether they're crafting a quick email or a formal invitation.

How does it work?

Google Help Me Write bears some resemblance to the smart prompts that Google has provided for services like Gmail previously.

However, it is even more advanced this time around.

After users input a prompt or summary of what they want to write, the AI analyses it and generates an expanded or condensed version of the content. 

How to use Google Help Me Write?

Using the Help Me Write feature is a straightforward process for those who have access to it.

  1. To get started, open a new Google Doc and navigate to the Help Me Write option at the bottom of the page.
  2. Then, input your prompt or summary and click on Create.
  3. If you're not satisfied with the generated content, you can select Recreate or manually edit the text as needed.
  4. Once you're happy with the content, simply click on Insert to add it to the document.
  5. If you're using Gmail or a web browser, composing an email is similar.
  6. Input your text, select the Create option, and analyse and edit the generated content as necessary.
  7. Finally, click on Insert to add the content to your email.

Is Google Help Me Write available?

Google has reported that Help Me Write has been available to a limited group of users since March 2023 and will become accessible to more users in the coming days.

Although it is currently uncertain whether the feature will be offered as a free service, it is anticipated that it will be available to everyone soon.