Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The social media messaging app WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is continuously adding new features for a user-friendly experience.

However, last year, the platform updated its policies regarding chat backups, stating that starting in the first half of 2024, these backups will count towards a user's Google Drive storage.

Currently, Android users on the WhatsApp beta version are already experiencing the impact, with chat backups taking up storage space, regardless of whether they are on the free or paid tier of Google's cloud storage service, according to an Indian Express report.

For users on the beta version who do not wish to back up their chats, there is an option to stop the backup process.

Simply open WhatsApp, go to the menu (usually denoted by three horizontal lines), click on settings, navigate to the Chats section, and select Chat Backup.

In the backup settings, choose 'Back up to Google Drive' and then select 'Never' to automatically save the settings.

If you find your Google Drive storage filled and still want to save your WhatsApp data, consider subscribing to a Google One plan or exclude images and videos from your WhatsApp chat backup to reduce its size.

WhatsApp mentions that these changes will affect users on the stable version of the app in the first half of 2024.

Users will receive an in-app notification 30 days prior through a banner in the 'Chat Backup' section under app settings.