Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Google recently revealed an upgraded search product at its annual conference in Mountain View, CA.

The new product integrates more artificial intelligence (AI) and has been embedded into 25 Google products, such as the search updates and a feature that assists users in composing emails in Gmail.

Known as the Search Generative Experience, this technology utilises generative AI to offer customised and precise responses to search inquiries.


Google advises that traditional search is still best for finding information, such as products or locations.

However, for collaborative tasks, users can use Bard, a chatbot with human-like conversation capabilities.

Bard can assist with tasks such as writing captions for photos or crafting a welcome speech for events.

New Google AI Search

Currently, internet users cannot access Google search with AI. However, a waitlist will soon be available for US consumers to access the Search Generative Experience in the upcoming weeks.

Throughout this trial phase, Google will evaluate the quality, speed, and cost of search results.

How to Use Bard in India

During the I/O 2023 conference, Google revealed that Bard is now accessible in 180 countries and territories, including India.

Now that Bard is in the experimental stage, Google refers to it as the learning phase of Bard.

To access Bard, users need to go to this URL or search 'Try Bard' in Google.

Once you have signed in with your email ID, it will automatically open the chatbox where you can ask questions and interact with Bard.